Chris Jenkins

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Chris started CrossFit around eight years ago after being introduced by a friend. He soon signed up to an unlimited membership and the rest is history! Chris completed his Level 1 CrossFit Trainer course in 2016 in Dublin. He found the course a great learning experience, both on how to coach people and in learning a great deal about himself. The Level 2 CrossFit Trainer course is Chris’ next challenge. Since school, Chris has always been a keen sportsman. He played rugby, was part of the Highland Wildcats American Football team and dabbled in Thai boxing, before getting into the gym doing classic body building-style training and then becoming obsessed with CrossFit.

Chris has competed in multiple team competitions, with Tribal Clash being his favourite closely followed by Clash of the Clans. He has also competed individually and took part in his first Olympic weightlifting competition in 2020. Chris’ favourite movements are snatch, clean and jerk (however frustrating they can be!) and muscle ups. He also loves heavy workouts with some running thrown in, but he is always keen to be challenged to work on any weaknesses.

Chris said: “I think the reason I love CrossFit so much is that you’re constantly humbled every time you walk through the door - there’s no room for egos in CrossFit. Coming in with an attitude to beat everyone doesn’t fly, as most soon find out. There’s always something to improve on and everyone is more than happy to help you on your journey!”