Kerri Doran

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Kerri started her CrossFit journey in 2014 at her local gym: CrossFit Bia. It started as a sporadic part-time membership of going and then not going. She initially thought it was a kettlebell/keep fit class and can remember the struggle up the stairs after her first workout out of fundamentals: Angie.

It was a rough start after a workout like that, however, as Kerri became more involved with the community, she realised that it is more than just a gym and she soon picked up the CrossFit bug. In 2016, she moved gyms to start training at ClydeCoast CrossFit in South Ayrshire. Kerri obtained her CrossFit L1 trainer certificate in 2019 and has been coaching since.

Kerri is also a Secondary School Teacher and after completing her probationer year decided to pursue a career in the Highlands where she can now be found training and coaching out of CrossFit 57 North.

"CrossFit is such a rewarding sport that is so varied. I love that no two days are the same and that what I do transcends into the hobbies I enjoy out of the gym like biking, walking mountains and climbing. In the gym, my favourite movement has to be snatch in all its forms barring the DB!"